The Vocation to Carmel

The mountain of God is a fertile mountain. A fruitful mountain, the mountain on which God is well pleased to dwell. (Psalm LXVII)

The Carmelite vocation, the Carmelite way of spirituality, is the mystical way. That is, the primary means by which the Carmelite reaches union with God. The vocation to Carmel is known therefore, as the vocation to the mystical life.

Silent, cloistered contemplative prayer
As Carmelites we appreciate that...'silence, is the way to foster holiness' (Rule 13)

To remain in the presence of God therefore, in silence and in solitude, disposes us to receive God's gift of contemplation, which is, the heart of the Carmelite vocation. For silence is vital, if we are to know Jesus, thus in silence and solitude, in a place set apart, we hear our heart's desires more clearly, and are nourished by hidden springs, enabling us to drink from the torrent of Divine pleasure.

In the silence of the cloister, the life of the Carmelite is devoted in a special way to prayer, penance, and diligent progress in the spiritual life. In this vocation to Carmel, the cloister responds to the need of being with the Lord, loving our separation from the world, and creating a space in the heart, for union with Him.

'Contemplative prayer cannot be grasped, it can only be received'

Our Lady and Carmel
'Carmel is above all, the land of Mary. She is its light, its overshadowing cloud, its purity, and its life. This makes us understand to what degree we are hers, and with what jealous love the Queen of Carmel watches over the fidelity of our souls. Whoever loves Mary flees from the shadow of sin.

Whoever loves Mary imitates her, and makes of Jesus the only contemplation of her glance. Whoever speaks of Mary, says purity in its essence, Mary wishes to be in and for the soul of a Carmelite, that star of pure love, the star illuminating all the delicacies of fidelity, which transform the least acts and make them a jewel of great price to the very love of God'. ('In the Silence of Mary' - life of Mother Mary of Jesus, foundress)

Those who are discerning a possible vocation to the Carmelite life; those who selflessly seek the gentle whisper of the Father's call to life of union with Him, and in imitation of Our Blessed Lady of Mount Carmel, and of all the Carmelite saints, are welcome to contact Reverend Mother Prioress.